Funniest movies of all time

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This list takes into account the funniest movies of all time. It is not just a comedy lover’s list, but also an important one, because nothing would be enjoyable without good comedy movies. This Wikipedia has several entertaining facts about the history of comedy that you may not know about. Try to make your fun-filled list of your favorite funny movies and ensure that it includes some good laugh lines. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself with the best of laugh-out-loud jokes and fast wits!

 There are some movies that you can’t stop watching. They’re funny, they make you laugh, they have a good story… they’re just plain awesome. Find out which films got our staff members laughing the most with these 20 funniest/best comedies ever made!

“Good Boys” (2019)

Just imagine your favorite Judd Apatow comedy, but with tweens delivering the raunchy jokes. It may sound like a gimmick, but “Good Boys” is anything but a typical film for this age group. Led by the hilarious Jacob Tremblay, it’s a funny look at middle school life, as growing up forces him out of his Beanbag Boys group of childhood friends. From their first kiss to flying drones and even selling a sex doll, “Good Boys” doesn’t hold back on the laughs – each one is just as cute as its ensemble cast, including Keith L. Williams, Brady Noon, Lil Rey Howery, Will Forte, and Molly Gordon. Produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and directed by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (creators of “The Office” and co-creators of Stephen Merchant’s “Hello Ladies” series), this movie proves that no matter how naughty middle schoolers are they can still be “Good”, if not even greater. Could it be that “Good Boys” has brought back the R-rated tween movie genre? We might just have to say yes!

“Wild Tales” (2014)

Damian Szifron delivers an Argentinian tribute to the chaos of life containing the same kind of tonal shifts seen in Bong Joon Ho’s best work. This compelling bunch of six Spanish-language shorts also demonstrates how mastering comedy, suspense, and horror require the same level of technical excellence. One particular sequence, about road rage that gets out of hand, perfectly demonstrates this. Similarly, in “Pasternak”, everyone on board a plane realizes they have a shared acquaintance. Both white-knuckled tension and punchlines can be experienced at the same time. Finally, the last short, involving a wedding that descends into deception and adultery even as the guests keep on partying, is the epitome of cringe comedy.

 “The Climb” (2019)

The basic story of “The Climb” has been done before, but director Michael Covino’s debut film still manages to work. This buddy comedy explores how a woman can impact the boundaries of intimate friendship. Recent films with similar stories, like those from the Duplass brothers or “Step Brothers”, have relied on testosterone-fueled plots, while this movie transforms that trope into something more relatable and honest. It is a winsome mix of tragedy and humor, crafted into a unique vision.

 “Sorry to Bother You” (2018)

“One of the strangest comedies out there, Boots Riley’s directorial debut “Sorry to Bother You” is, as its director puts it, an “absurdist dark comedy with elements of magical realism and science fiction, inspired by the world of telemarketing”. But this barely scratches the surface of what this movie is about. With an amazing cast led by Lakeith Stanfield and Tessa Thompson, it centers around Cash (Stanfield), a young black telemarketer who takes on a white accent to find success in his job. The film then delves into corporate greed, income inequality, and modern-day slavery, as well as a wild journey involving genetic manipulation.

What makes “Sorry to Bother You” truly special is Riley’s unparalleled vision – there is no other movie like it! In addition, be warned: Armie Hammer also appears in this film – but you’ll understand why he’s such a great fit when you watch it!”

“Borat Subsequent Movie film” (2020)

Sasha Baron Cohen’s latest project is Borat 2, which uses political stunts and pranks to reflect what America looked like in 2020. Its most talked-about scene involves Rudy Giuliani. This time Borat is accompanied by his daughter Tutar, who he plans to marry off to Vice President Mike Pence. The movie gets increasingly ridiculous as Tutar travels in a metal cage and visits a pro-life clinic. Comedy meets reality as Borat crashes Pence’s CPAC speech and Tutar interviews, Giuliani. After the laughs come to the cringes, we realize the joke is ultimately on us all.

 “Chicken Run” (2000)

Aardman Animations’ debut feature film is a delightful reminder of the peculiarities of stop-motion animation and the quirky folks who create them. From feather-ruffling to egg-shaking, it’s a charmingly human adventure that follows a flock of farmed chickens on the run to escape becoming meat pies! It’s got plenty of bird-brain humor, as well as the signature warmth and love from Aardman productions. After watching this kids’ flick, you’ll be hard-pressed not to care about chickens! And don’t forget – comedies can be educational too (sorry parents, if you had to answer any questions about ethical eating afterward!). Now, after much anticipation, a sequel is in production due to Netflix and Aardman’s production deal.

 “Crazy Rich Asians” (2018)

Kevin Kwan’s best-selling novel “Crazy Rich Asians” follows a classic girl-meets-boy story, with a twist: the boy’s family is deranged. The book and its follow-up narratives revolve around Kwan’s coming-of-age experiences in Singapore, one of the world’s wealthiest countries. Director Jon M. Chu’s film adaption brings this vibrant love letter to Asian culture to life with a cast of all Asian-American performers, a feat not seen since 1993’s “The Joy Luck Club”. The comedic power of the movie lies in its cast: Constance Wu and Awkwafina’s back-and-forth zaniness and Michelle Yeoh’s delightful menace make for smiles in every scene. “Crazy Rich Asians” is the most irresistible contemporary romantic comedy around!

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